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  • REAL PICKLE JUICE POPSICLE – Each pack of 48 individually wrapped pickle ice pops contain 2 oz. of healthy, superfood pickle juice. The popsicles can be frozen and enjoyed individually as needed.
  • REPLENISHES KEY NUTRIENTS – pickle juice is known to be loaded with essential minerals and electrolytes like sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium that your body needs to perform at its peak. Van Holten’s Pickle Ice Freeze Pops can help you stay hydrated on a hot day.
  • COOL AND REFRESHING – Nobody wants to drink kind-of-cold pickle brine out of the refrigerator. Pickle freeze pops are a cooler, more refreshing way to get those electrolytes into your body.
  • USE FOR PICKLE BACKS – Like whiskey as much as you like pickle juice? Want to enjoy the pair on a hot day? What better way to chase your bourbon that with a frozen pickle back. It makes a great chaser for any shot of whiskey.