Blackland Prairie Wildflower Honey

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Our Blackland Prairie Wildflower honey is provided by beekeepers in Central Texas. This wildflower honey is harvested from beehives that have been dispersed from Austin to Waco along the eastern edge of the Texas Hill Country and throughout the central portion of the Texas Blackland Prairie ecoregion.

This exceptional wildflower blend is rich and sweet, so we have chosen not to infuse this honey with other ingredients. It is perfect for drizzling on fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, cheeses, biscuits, French toast, desserts, and even ice cream! Use this honey for a sugar substitute in baking or cooking. Add it to coffee, tea, cocktails, or smoothies. Mix into marinades, glazes, or combine it with butter to melt over many finished dishes.

Ingredients include 100% pure Texas wildflower honey.

We do not use ultra-filtration, nor do we heat our honeys to high temperatures.

Size: Net Wt. 12oz.

Made in United States of America